Parbhani City Municipal Corporation, Parbhani
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About Parbhani City

Parbhani, formerly known as “Prabhavati nagar”, is a city in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. It is the administrative headquarters of Parbhani District.

Parbhani is situated approximately at the centre of Maharashtra. The state capital, Mumbai lies to the west of Parbhani. The nearest major city is Nanded and Aurangabad. Parbhani is well connected by road to other major cities also in Maharashtra and even in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. Parbhani is an important Railway junction on the Mumbai-Parbhani- Nanded-Secunderabad and Parli-Nanded- Parbhani-Bangalore lines.

Parbhani has its share in Hindu theology. The Hindu saint who is considered to be the reincarnation of the Dattatraya in Hindu theology, Shri Shirdi Saibaba, was said to be born in this district at a place called Pathri-about 45 km from Parbhani. A Jain temple at Jintur is 40 km away. A village named Mudgal (Tq. Pathri) the only place in India where Vishnu (Mudgal Narsimha) and Shiva (Mudgaleshwar) are worshiped together. Pokharni, a place around 19 km to the south of Parbhani has a famous Lord Narshima temple. Selu is 45 km towards Aurangabad where a temple of Shri Keshavraj Babasaheb is, who was Guru of Shri SaiBaba. Selu is an important railway station on the Mumbai-Secundrabad rail line.

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Shri Rahul Rekhawar, IAS

Parbhani City Municipal Corporation, Parbhani